HCC Biomarkers

AFP-L3% and DCP

Automated Platform
Liquid Phase Binding Assay System


Over the last several years the biomarker AFP has been used as a tool in the diagnosis of HCC. However, AFP results are often not definitive until a tumor has reached a large size or an advanced state. Recently, a related biomarker called AFP-L3 has been shown to help rule out HCC in cases where AFP values alone are ambiguous. This datasheet describes AFP-L3% and its use in the field of liver cancer. Because AFP-L3 differs from AFP by only a fucose moiety, traditional ELISA is inadequate to measure AFP-L3. Additional separation methods involving differential lectin binding followed by anion exchange chromatography are necessary. Wako's proprietary instrument, LiBASys®, incorporates elements which allow chromatographic separation, enzyme immunoassay and fluorescence detection to enable this difficult measurement of a valuable cancer biomarker.

Main Features

  • Antigen-antibody reaction is performed in the liquid phase
  • Separation by anionic exchange chromatography
  • Fluorescence detection is used to measure peroxidase-labeled analyte
  • Turn-around time is 4 hours
  • Small footprint -1.8 ft x 2 ft x 3.8 ft (w x d x h)
  • Available analytes are AFP-L3%, AFP and DCP