Bilirubin, Total

Bilirubin, Total

Wako Product Name

Total Bilirubin V

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Special Characteristics

  • No interferences from lysed cells or turbidity due to chylomicrons or other serum components. Bilirubin Hemoglobin and Turbidity
  • High stability of reagents using vanadate as the chemical oxidizing reagent instead of older Bilirubin oxidase enzymatic or diazo coupling methods. Typical reagent stability of 1 year.
  • Reagents are ready to use.  Unlike older methods, no preparation is required.

Serum and plasma bilirubin measurement is widely used as a screening test for liver function. The methods most widely used for determination of bilirubin are the diazo coupling method and the bilirubin oxidase enzymatic method. However, these methods have disadvantages such as interference by coexisting substances and unsatisfactory stability of reagents after preparation. The Wako Total Bilirubin V is based on a chemical oxidation method, utilizing vanadate as an oxidizing agent shows good correlation with conventional methods, practically no interference by coexisting substances, and is a convenient ready-to-use liquid type reagent.

Intended Use The Wako Total Bilirubin V is an in vitro colorimetric assay for the quantitative determination of total bilirubin in serum.
Medical Conditions
Liver Disease
Method Vanadate Oxidation Reaction
Product Brochure Wako Total Bilirubin Brochure
Assay Linearity Up to 40 mg/dL
Basic Procedure Sample: 10 µL
R1: 280 µL
R2: 70 µL
Wavelength: primary: 450 nm, secondary: 546 nm
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Ordering Information

Catalog No. Product Name Pkg Size Storage
998-23291 Total Bilirubin V Buffer 4 x 70 mL 2-10°C
990-23491 Total Bilirubin V Vanadate 4 x 18 mL 2-35°C
992-23191* Total Bilirubin V Buffer 4 x 540 mL 2-10°C
994-23391* Total Bilirubin V Vanadate 4 x 135 mL 2-35°C

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