Micro Albumin

Wako Product Name

Autokit Micro Albumin

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Intended Use The Wako Autokit Micro Albumin test is an in vitro assay for the quantitative determination of albumin in human urine.
Medical Conditions
Kidney Disease
Method Turbidimetric Immunoassay
Product Brochure Wako Microalbumin Brochure
Assay Linearity Up to 500 µg/mL
Basic Procedure Sample: 6 µL
R1: 180 µL
R2: 30 µL
Wavelength: primary: 340 nm, secondary: 700 nm
  • To request an automated analyzer application, please email diagnostics@wakousa.com. Please include the names of the product and the analyzer/instrument.

Ordering Information

Catalog No. Product Name Pkg Size Storage
999-06001* Autokit Micro Albumin   2-10°C
Contents Pkg Size
Buffer 2 x 45 mL
Antibody 1 x 15 mL


995-06101* Autokit Micro Albumin Calibrator Set 5 conc x 2 mL 2-10°C


991-06201* Autokit Micro Albumin Control Set 2 x 2 conc x 2 mL 2-10°C

* Custom Order: Please contact us at diagnostics@wakousa.com.